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1922 Lyrics

1922 was recorded at Dakota Dave Hull's studio in Minneapolis and at Sacred Heart in Duluth. The record was not done the way it should have been. Recording it in two places was a bad idea. Dave was great and his studio was great but it didn't feel finished for some reason. So we did some other stuff at Sacred Heart, all the songs without Mikkel were recorded there, and those recordings ended up being part of an album for friends and family called Sanctified. There were about 3 different things going on at the same time and 1922 should have been done all in one blast like I do everything else. I was still learning. And I think I was getting too big for my britches or something. It's a shame because it's a record that a lot of people listen to and it should have been much better.

Westbound Rattler / Migrant Boxcar Train / 1922 Blues /
Mahtowa Stomp / To a Scrapyard Bus Stop / Wreck of the Bernard K /
Funeral Road Blues / Hogkill Blues / Jesus at the Kenmore

This is one of the songs that my mother doesn't care for because I think I hit a nerve. During the Hormel Strike there was a lot of tension and turmoil and Austin was in bad shape. That event changed that little town and it'll never be the same again. At the time I was working at a filling station and talked to a lot of people, it affected all of us. The tension was so high. People would come in with flat tires because somebody was putting out golf balls with 16-penny nails drove through them. The song is kind of my perceptions and feelings about that time.

hogkill blues