I Left the Knuckle
There at the Zoo

Unconventional First Aid Ideas
and Improvisations

© 2015 by Charlie Parr
Little Judges Publishing Co.
Duluth, Minnesota


Evidently I started myself on fire. Lu and I were sitting out by the campfire and I noticed this little wisp of smoke. I couldn't figure where it was coming from since the fire smoke was blowing the opposite way. It was me. After I put it out (smoldering ember on my new shirt) I patched the burn-hole with tape, and chalked it up to another day being me. I asked Lu why she didn't let me know that I was burning but she just shrugged.

Thanks everyone who came by the Menomonie, Winona and Washburn shows, it was nice getting to play outside. Looking forward to another outdoor set on Saturday at Bayfront Festival Park for Bridgefest. Brad Nelson (Black Eyed Snakes) and I play at 2:15. I'm also stopping in Sauk Rapids to play a set at the Flower Shop (3767 Shadow Wood Drive NE) on Friday night (July 6). I'll try and get back on to this thing next week for another update. Emily and I bought a canoe, though, so I may be out for awhile. I'm pretty excited about it, since my plans to construct a pontoon boat fell apart I've been wanting something to float around in. Plus, happy 4th everyone, I think Elijah and I are stopping on our way to Austin and picking up some Black Cats so I can continue torturing him with "pathetic old Dad tries to re-capture his youth" stuff.



One of my fillings fell out a while back. I can feel the hole in my tooth with my tongue, but it doesn't hurt. I'm thinking that ignoring it is the way to go, even though I know that it's not really the way I should go. I wouldn't let my kids ignore it. I'd encourage my wife to see a dentist. I'm grown up enough now to know that ignoring problems only makes them worse (frak-sand mining, poison streams, climate change all spring to mind) and I'm ashamed of myself whenever I can't find the courage to raise my hand about issues I think are important. But this filling, I think I ate it. It tasted like tin foil. Now it's gone and other than that hole I don't even notice it. Probably I will, though, sometime.

Playing at Stage North again this Friday, I love that place. Then at Patrick's Cabaret for their Blues Roots fest on Saturday and Tedd Mann Concert Hall on Sunday so it's going to be a fun weekend. We're off to Muskie Days the 21st and then to the northwest coast after that. I'll keep ya posted.



I was at the zoo in Seattle with Emily and the kids and was trying to help Lula open her butterfly-shaped lollipop and the wrapper was pretty tough so I used my pocket knife and slipped and very neatly cut one of the knuckles right off my middle finger. It didn't hurt, it didn't even bleed for a little bit, and I left the knuckle there at the zoo and now have a neat little round hole where it was.

Other than that, tour's going well. Looking forward to seeing my friends Hillfolk Noir in Boise tonight then on to Salt Lake City, Denver, Sioux Falls, Durand and finally the West Bank and Palmer's for the last show on Sunday night. August is going to be busy, I'll keep ya up on it when I can, but I am really looking forward to the shows and have a month of Tuesdays at the Turf Club with different folks each time coming to play plus a re-release of 1922 on House of Mercy and finally getting back to the Brewhouse.

Time to hit the road - see if the kids will let me listen to Mississippi Gabe Carter for awhile this morning. Thanks, all.



In our house the band-aid supply is carefully regulated by Lula. She chooses which ones we buy and seems to use most of them for herself or her dolls or the dog. When I get a cut I usually ask her for one and have to undergo a minor interview and an inspection of the so-called injury before receiving my angry bird band-aid, grudgingly. Last week I built a little bunk for the back of the truck, it looks like a county jail cell now with one of those fold-down shelf type beds that are about as wide as your body and very hard so that you have a hard time sleeping and instead can concentrate on your crimes. Anyway I cut myself, no surprise there, I’m pretty clumsy in the best of times and I was kind of expecting it. I submitted myself to the process and Lu gave me a too-small band-aid with a pony on it. Then I gracefully popped the saw out of its channel and onto my thumb. Lu thought it was pretty gross, and I got a larger band-aid with a green pig on it. I bled through that one pretty fast and had to petition for a replacement: another pony one. I was nearly finished when I cut myself three times in a row and the look I got from Lu was withering. I went to the pharmacy and bought myself a box of band-aids, but they’re plain, I couldn’t find any Big Daddy Roth ones.

The bed worked real well at the Big Wu Family Reunion and I had a great time, in Appleton I got to sleep in a real bed and decided that Appleton is one of the friendliest towns I’ve been to. Thanks to both of these great festivals for having me. Friday I’m staying in Duluth to play the Harbor Highlands community center and then I’m going to Northfield to hang out with Mom and play in Hogan Bros. with Little Omar and then on to Weber’s Deck and the Cedar both on Sunday. Next week I’m looking forward to the Whispering Beard Festival in Friendship IN and the Porcupine Mountain Festival in the U.P. where I think I’ll back the truck up to the lake and lay in my little bed and think about my crimes.


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