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Dog Reviews and Press

"The country-blues tradition is full of heartbreak and hard knocks, and Charlie Parr's Dog is a heartfelt wander-through-an-alley of an album. The Duluth, Minn.-based songwriter strikes one self-inflicted wound after another, examining his own mental health and others through an expertly-picked resonator guitar and lyrics that puncture the soul." -NPR

"Rather than run from the hellhound(s) on his trail, Parr dares them to race him and he proves the combination of comfort and speed makes for potent fuel." -Glide Magazine

"With a much deeper understanding of the instrument than even the most adept players, Parr is able to use not just the punching volume of the instrument to compel the heartstrings and synapses of the audience to reverberate, it’s the way he utilizes the subtle undertones and overtones emanating from the instrument to craft emotions with a delicacy, yet effectiveness, like the perfect touch a master glassblower must employ to perfect the curvatures of a certain piece. Parr isn’t a performer, he’s a master craftsman of music." -Saving Country Music

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2018 tour recordings


Dog artwork by J. White (Post Pilgrim Art Gallery). Charlie w/ guitar photos courtesy of Mule Resonator Guitars. Recording session w/ band photo by Tom Herbers.